Friday, 26 April 2013

Channel Radio - Who Cares Wins Radio Show on Back Pain

The Who Cares Wins team on Channel radio did a show on back pain recently. It was a general chat on back pain but also looked at the Back App ergonomic chair.
Guests on the show were:-

  •  Mary O'Keeffe - a research physiotherapist from Limerick University. She specilaises in lower back pain and has done reseacrh work on the Back App.
  • Stephen Makinde - an osteopath who has 6 clinics in and around London.
  • Me - Mike Dilke
The show has been split into three sections and can be listened to by following the links below.

Intro with Mike Dilke             

Section with Mary O'Keefe    

Section with Stephen Makinde

Who Cares Wins Radio Show

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  1. Thanks for posting here about us Mike. We thoroughly enjoyed having you on our show :-). Angela, Jan & Sue